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Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and the birthplace of the doomed ocean liner famous Titanic. Mention Belfast and certain generation, images of conflict may come to mind. It would be a mistake, however, to jump to conclusions these days. In recent years, the average government peace process and power-sharing Belfast, along with the rest of Northern Ireland, has undergone a remarkable transformation and rebirth.

  1. Titanic Belfast

Considered the “Titanic biggest attraction of visitors from the world”, this building is a tribute to the history of interesting maritime history of Belfast. Nine interactive exhibits show how Belfast has developed from a city that once boasted the most powerful shipbuilding industry in the world reborn a tourist destination.

For over a century, the ill-fated ocean liner and famous, Titanic, was built on this spot. There are guided tours up the ramp and huge dry dock. The building, which is to represent the logo of the White Star Line star-shaped, hosts a number of fascinating artifacts including letters, brochures and menus. A special treat is the tender fully restored with the Titanic, the SS Nomadic, visitors can climb and explore for an additional charge.

2. Waterfront Hall

A little over a mile from the Titanic Quarter and overlooking the River Lagan in Belfast city center, the Waterfront Hall is a place of world-class entertainment and conference, no doubt, reflects the regeneration of the city. Since opening in 1997, the center has seen more than five million visitors and now attracts the best musicians and artists from around the world as well as hosting a series of exhibitions.

When illuminated at night, the building is particularly impressive, and many visit for the concerts, which are world class from pop to the symphony not only, but also eat at the restaurant of the hotel, La Brasserie Arco, with panoramic views of the river and beyond.

3. Ulster Museum

A five minute drive from the Waterfront Hall will take you to the Ulster Museum. Having undergone a major refurbishment in recent years, it is now one of Belfast must-see. This impressive national museum should be high on the list for any visitor for a number of reasons, not least of all that is not afraid of the problems experienced in the city recently.

The exhibits include 2500-year-old Egyptian mummy, the Armada room, modern masterpieces, ancient relics, and a very diverse collection of art, history and natural science exhibits spread over several floors.

4. The Botanic Gardens

A nice way to relax for a few hours, the Botanical Garden was established in 1828 and has been owned by Belfast City Council since 1895 when it became a public park set in 28 acres. The elegant Palm House contains a variety of tropical plants, including birds of paradise and lush hanging baskets. Iron compound curved glass structure is one of the earliest examples of a greenhouse made in this manner, and shows how advances in technology horticulturists time allowed to grow exotic plants.

5. HMS Caroline

A recent addition to the already excellent collection of attractions in Belfast Titanic Quarter, HMS Caroline is one of the last surviving vessels have served in both world wars. Recently refurbished, the ship entered service in 1914 and patrolled the North Sea and participated in the crucial Battle of Jutland.

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