Birkenhead Best Travelling Places

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Located just across the river from Liverpool, Birkenhead is a town on the Wirral. There are lots of things to do in this historic city, so why not make the trip if you are in the area. If you need a little help to find the most popular attractions here is a list of the top 10 things to do on your trip to Birkenhead, UK.

1. Wirral Transport Museum

Did you know that the first tram was established in Birkenhead by George Francis Train in 1860? You can learn about the history of Birkenhead Wirral Transport Museum of Transport. The location of the museum has a lot of history, as well. In the 1890s, it was used as a horse stable until the 1950s when it became Birkenhead Brewery. After production was halted in 1983, construction began to transform it into Transport Museum Wirral that we know today. Finally, in 1995, he publicly opened..

2. The Birkenhead Tramways

Birkenhead also has nine historic trams that have been restored and put to use in the city. Many of the date of streetcar in the 1920s and as good as new. The tram fare is 2 GBP (2.63 USD) for adults and 1 GBP (1.31 USD) for children. Be sure to search the site to see the schedules of specific trams.

3. Birkenhead Park

Known as the first publicly funded park in the world, Birkenhead Park was one of the first parks respite during the industrial revolution. This park has also helped to inspire the creation of Central Park in New York, who is also famous for being a natural oasis in the middle of an urban city.

Birkenhead Park was renovated in 2004 to restore its beauty. After the improvements, the park continues to be a historic gem.

4. The Birkenhead Priory

Birkenhead Priory consists of the chapter house, the Undercroft, and St. Mary’s Church. St Mary’s Church, the first parish church in Birkenhead, is standing, but you can still see its tower and spire. You can climb the 101 steps up to see a memorial to the men lost in the catastrophe the submarine HMS Thetis 1939.

With the tower of St. Mary, the chapter house is also open for visitors, it now serves as the church of the Chapel of England, where there are church services, baptisms, weddings and funerals. After a visit to the chapter house, be sure to check the small medieval museum in the basements.

5. Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

Located in the village of Oxton, near the center of Birkenhead, Williamson Art Gallery and Museum is a cultural place that has various art exhibitions and events. Visitors to the gallery have the opportunity to see collections of ceramics, sculptures, paintings, and more.

There are also educational workshops for children in primary and secondary school. To book a group tour or an educational tour, please call to make a reservation.

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