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Dover is one of the main ports cross-channel in Britain, and despite the opening of the Channel Tunnel to Calais, many visitors to the country still choose to arrive by ferry for the magnificent views of Kent’s lovely coastline

Although many travelers pass through Dover on the way elsewhere, many points of interest make this historic city worth a visit.

1. The White Cliffs of Dover

The National Trust Gateway to White Cliffs Visitor Center is the best place to start tourism in the region and includes exhibits, interpretive panels on the region, as well as programs on the flora and fauna. It also offers great views of beautiful five miles from the coast and countryside, as well as maritime traffic on the busiest seaway in the world.

2. Dover Castle

Perched high above the English Channel, Dover Castle was started in 1168 by Henry II on the site of the ramparts dating some 1,000 years already. The Norman central tower, built in 1180, houses most of the exhibitions of the castle, including the Great Tower with its richly furnished rooms. Costumed guides, medieval feasts in the banquet hall and military re-enactments are part of the fun.

3. South Foreland Lighthouse

The beautiful Victorian lighthouse perched atop the white cliffs of Dover was built in 1843 and has the distinction of being used by Marconi for the first successful tests with navigation radio in the world. Built to warn mariners quicksand Goodwin while guiding them through the Strait of Dover, he is as famous as the first lighthouse in the world to display an electric light.

The views of the Channel are wonderful, and on clear days you can see all the way to France. Inside, interpretive signs highlight the work necessary for the operation of the lighthouse, including maintaining the unique mechanism that made the flash light.

4. Samphire Hoe

You wonder where all that chalk unearthed during construction of the Channel Tunnel went …? Well, wonder no more. Samphire Hoe is a nature reserve of 74 acres at the foot of the famous Shakespeare Cliff halfway between Dover and Folkestone was built using many tons of earth excavated during construction of the tunnel.

It is now one of the best places for you to really enjoy the drama of the beautiful white cliffs as they tower above you.

Samphire Hoe is also popular for its bird watching and sea fishing. This must-see attraction is easy to access, and offers charming, easy trails and viewpoints on foot. A kiosk makers and education center are on site.

5. Dover Western Heights and the Grand Shaft

Began in 1779, when fear of the French invasion was high across England, Western Heights Dover has grown to become one of the largest network of fortifications of the island nation.

Composed of numerous ditches and forts stretching along the coast of Dover Castle, it has a number of important strengths that can still be seen today. These include the massive Drop Redoubt and the Citadel, and the dry moat that joined them. The redoubt of guided tours are available.

However, the most impressive feature here is undoubtedly the big tree. Composed of a triple staircase only 140 feet, literally cut into the cliffs, this amazing structure was used as a shortcut to the troops stationed on the western hills to the city, they should be required to defend it. If possible, try to time your visit for the third Sunday of each month from April to November, when the tree is open to the public.


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