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French city northernmost is just minutes from the world of border with Belgium. Life in Dunkirk has always been oriented towards the sea, either by historical hunting and fishing or trade. The port is still active today and passenger shuttles also through the channel to Dover.

But for you and me the sea also brings pleasure to the beach or walks in dune exhilarating landscapes. The name “Dunkirk” also means withdrawal of the allied armies of France in 1940, and there is a set of premium museums where this right operation was coordinated. In the city do not miss the belfry classified by UNESCO and the port museum with historic ships.

1. Musée Portuaire

Dunkirk 19th century tobacco warehouse is one of the few historic buildings spared by the war and offers an evocative home to a museum that will tell you the long history and the port absorption.

Among the many exhibits are those devoted to hunting fishing industries of whales and cod of the city in the 19th century that is necessary for the waters around Iceland shipments of six months.

There are three ships moored heritage pier next to the museum, the most important is the three-masted Duchesse Anne, built in Bremerhaven in Germany in 1901 and the ship that high you can embark on a tour of France.

2. Beffroi de Dunkerque

All Belfries of Flanders are protected as the UNESCO site, is no exception and Dunkirk.

It was built in the 15th century to replace a former watchtower and was originally the bell tower of the Saint-Eloi church, which is next.

The church was destroyed during a French attack on the city in the 1500s, and that this tower remained.

It is almost 60 meters high and you can go to the top for a fabulous view of the city.

This is a view you have to win, because even after a five-story elevator above you still have to climb 60 steps.

3. Plage de Malo-les-Bains

Is the port begins gigantic sand beach of Dunkirk, one of the largest in the north and a must in summer.

Malo-les-Bains behind it was once a different city, but was part of Dunkirk since the 1960s.

Along the promenade are a chain of ice cream shops and restaurants where you can order mussels and chips and watch the beach disappear over the horizon.

4. Dunkirk 1940 Museum

32 Bastion was built coastal defense in 1874 after the Franco-Prussian war to strengthen the border of France.

And so it was that the Allied coordinates Operation Dynamo strengths of this structure in May and June 1940, when more than 330,000 soldiers were evacuated to France.

The galleries tell you all you need to know about how the operation was planned and executed, and some of the events that took place in a dramatic chapter of World War II.

5. Parc Zoologique de Fort Mardyck

Not the biggest zoo, but large enough to introduce children to all types of animals without getting bored.

There are 40 species here and among them are brown bears, lynxes, seals, macaws flamingos, beavers, pygmy goats and vultures.

A resident, you may not know much about the collared peccary, a mammal South and Central America, distantly related to swine, and able to resist a bite of the most venomous snakes. 

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