Bogotá is a city people will, in general, go through on their approach to investigate different territories of Colombia. They do their mandatory visit since they are in the nation and head off to someplace “cooler.”
Most explorers will reveal to you it’s just worth a couple of days.
Most voyagers aren’t right.
I cherished going around Bogota. Without a ton of the Gringofication, you found different nations; it seemed like the most Colombian urban areas.
There is a great deal to do here: huge loads of galleries, parks, exercises, strolling visits, nightlife alternatives, and an unimaginable foodie scene.
I think it is a truly undervalued city because many explorers contrast it with Medellin.
Yet, if you take Bogotá for what it is, you’ll see it to be a stunning objective. I wound up remaining much longer than I initially arranged and can hardly wait to return. Give the city a possibility and put in a couple of additional days investigating it.
Casa de Nariño is the president’s home. Past its attractive neoclassical façade, its inside is loaded up with furniture, compositions, and figures from the Roman and the Renaissance time frames. They offer free visits Monday to Friday (you have to book online, at any rate, five days ahead of time), and they last around 45 minutes. On the off chance that you don’t communicate in Spanish, make sure to demand the visit in English. You can likewise watch the official watchman’s changing on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 3:30 pm.
2. Take a food visit
There are a few food visits in Bogota, including the Free Food Tour Bogotá, which meets outside the Museo de Oro at 2 pm every day. The visit will walk you around a couple of the business sectors and outline neighborhood products of the soil food. Even though the stay itself is free, you should pay for your food. If you eat everything on offer, it will cost you just around 22,000 COP (USD 8). You can enroll on the web or turn up. Bogotá Food Tour (which costs 188,500 COP/$55 USD) will take you around La Macarena, Bogotá’s bohemian and creative area. The visit endures three hours and will take you to three distinct eateries where you can test a nearby dish and drink. Visits likewise incorporate pickup and drop-off at your convenience.
3. Taste Chicha in La Candelaria
Chicha is Colombia’s most seasoned mixed refreshment. Produced using matured corn, it has seen a resurgence in fame lately as individuals reconnect with their local legacy. You’ll discover numerous bars in La Candelaria serving it, particularly in the city close to Plazoleta Chorro de Quevedo.
Instructions to Stay Safe in Bogotá
Well-being is frequently probably the most significant worry for individuals when arranging an excursion to Bogotá. They have a typical saying in Colombia “no dar papaya” this interprets as “don’t give papaya.” What it indeed implies is, however, don’t allow anybody to take your stuff!
That implies no strolling around with your telephone out, keep nothing in your pockets (particularly when on open vehicle), and consistently keep hold of your pack! You are eating out on the off chance, either keep your knapsack on your lap or spot your foot or a seat leg through your lash. Somebody needs to make a packed trade (which means they trade their empty sack for yours).
It would help if you gave alert while pulling out cash from an ATM. Attempt to evade the ATMs in the city if conceivable and go into the bank to utilize the ATM; that way; you can take care of your cash watchfully without being viewed.
There aren’t numerous regular road “tricks” in Bogotá. Anything genuine will rotate around burglary.
So as long as you keep your assets close, you shouldn’t have any issues. On the off chance that you do run into any problems, you will discover traveler police everywhere in the midtown zone, frequently yelling uproariously will leave a criminal speechless as the vacationer police don’t warmly embrace wrongdoing against sightseers.
Trust me on this. My companion was looted here, as was I. I realized what happens when you let your watchman down here.
Furthermore, look out for getting irregular taxicabs as the truly genuine wrongdoing against outsiders here is what is ordinarily alluded to as “paseo millonarios” (deciphered as “tycoon rides”). This is the reason it fits not to take a taxi on the road. The cabbie will get a vacationer (frequently an independent voyager or a couple), and afterward, the driver will make a stop to get a few ‘”companions.” At that point, they will take the passenger(s) to an ATM and cause them to pull out the same number of pesos as you can get. They will keep on driving the traveler around, typically by gunpoint, to various ATMs until they have removed the entirety of the cash conceivable. At that point, they will leave you someplace to make your particular manner back.
There are a couple of “off-limits” regions in the city; however, you shouldn’t wind up incidentally meandering into one of these zones as a traveler. When in doubt, don’t go south of La Candelaria and remain over on the city’s eastern side (the mountainside).
I would prefer not to be all pessimistic be that as it may, as much as I LOVE Bogotá, there is wrongdoing here, and you need to be indeed cautious.
On the off chance that out don’t do it at home, don’t do it in Bogotá!

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