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Think of Liverpool and you immediately think of the Beatles and Liverpool Football Club and their famous Anfield stadium. Of course, there is this unique Scouse accent.

The heart of Merseyside is on the east bank of the estuary of the Mersey, just three miles from the sea. At this point, the Mersey is almost a mile wide, opening the interior to a basin scale three-mile. This is one reason for Liverpool, with one of the largest ports in the world that does not depend on tides, remains an important port for transatlantic shipping.

1. The Beatles

Liverpool is famous as the birthplace of the Beatles. Various tours offer fans the opportunity to follow in their footsteps, taking in famous destinations such as Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields. Tours generally include as The Beatles Story at Albert Dock and the Cavern Club Rebuilt, where they made their debut in 1961.

2. Royal Albert Dock

The beautifully restored Royal Albert Dock was the first facility in the UK to be built using only bricks and iron. At the heart is a five-storey block of impressive tall buildings surrounding the harbor basin where cotton, tobacco and sugar were once landed. These huge Victorian structures are built around an arcaded walkway, their Tuscan columns castings used once winches for ships moored. Royal Albert Dock also houses a number of prime tourist attractions.

3. Tate Liverpool

A branch of the acclaimed Tate Gallery, Tate Liverpool, was set up in the Albert Dock. Would the chance, the Tate Gallery in London – established in late 19th century with a legacy of the sugar magnate Sir Henry Tate – found space in warehouses where raw sugar was stored before being refined.

The ground floor of the Tate North “has exhibition halls and galleries dedicated to contemporary art as well as works lent by the gallery in London. Free entry.


4. Merseyside Maritime Museum

The Liverpool Maritime Museum houses many fascinating exhibits about the thousands of emigrants who left the UK via the Mersey to North America between 1830 and 1930. The museum also has an impressive collection of related objects navigation in Liverpool, which goes back in time to its establishment as a fishing port in the 13th century.

5. Victoria Gallery and Museum

Art lovers should also check out the gallery and Museum Victoria. Located in a spectacular red brick building at the University of Liverpool, the museum – known locally as – includes large collections of sculptures and ceramics, as well as an impressive array of paintings by the likes of Lucian Freud and JMW Turner.

The property also has a program of lectures and educational workshops, a café and shop.

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