Salzburg Best Places

Capital of the province of the same name, Salzburg, Austria northwest, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, both for its architecture and its beautiful surroundings. This picturesque town stretches along both banks of the river Salzach, as reflected in the Salzburg Alps in the lower earth dominated by the 1,853-meter Untersberg.

1 Altstadt Salzburg (Old Town)

Universitätsplatz, some wonderful passages known Durchhäuser weaving northward Getreidegasse, a lively pedestrian area lined with old merchant houses dating from the 15th to the 18th century. Highlights of a walking tour of the old town are numerous signs in wrought iron and inn, its beautiful old courses, and numerous galleries, boutiques, shops and cafes. At the eastern end of Getreidegasse is the Kranzlmarkt with the old town hall (Rathaus) surrounded by the oldest medieval houses, some as high as five stories.

2 Hohensalzburg Castle

Salzburg is dominated by the picturesque Hohensalzburg Castle, southeast top of Mönchsberg. The original castle was built in 1077, and much of what is seen today dates from the early 1500s can reach the castle by a 20 minute walk from the center of the old town or a funicular from Festungsgasse. The approach to the fortress through a number of impressive defensive front doors under fire vaulted 17th century Bastion Reisszug, a single lifting meeting from 1504 when used for supply-mail.

3 St. Peter’s Abbey

On the west side of Kapitelplatz of Salzburg, the Benedictine abbey of St. Peter (St. Peter Erzabtei) was founded by St. Rupert in the year 690 and served as the residence of the archbishops until 1110. While the buildings current date mainly from the 17th and 18th centuries, they remain an impressive testimony to architectural skills of the order, as can be seen in the high tower shaped building onion, a first of its kind in Europe. Highlights include St. Peter Churchyard (Friedhof St. Peter), an impressive cemetery surrounded on three sides by arcades and tombs of the family from the 17th century.

4 Salzburg Cathedral

A building leading laps with his twin 79 meters, the Salzburg Cathedral (Salzburger Dom) was completed in 1657 and is famous for its Italian style and its role as a place of baptism of Mozart. west facade of the building, facing the Domplatz, four colossal statues in marble, outdoor depicting St. Rupert and Virgil, patron saints of the province, while the inner represent Peter and Paul. Notable features include its three massive bronze doors with their symbols of faith, love and hope; the high altar with its painted Resurrection in 1628; and the stunning frescoes of the vault. 

5 St. Peter’s Church

One of the oldest churches and more attractive Salzburg, St. Peter’s Church (Stiftskirche St. Peter) was completed in 1143, amended in 1625 and decorated in a Rococo between 1757 and 1783 when his turn distinctive bar was added. 

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