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The image of golden beaches with sun lounging under the colorful umbrellas best describes Santander in the region of Cantabria, northern Spain.

The city and the main beach, Playa del Sardinero, are located between Cabo Mayor and the Magdalena Peninsula, facing the Bay of Biscay. The beautiful coastline, the turquoise waters and sun playful attract many visitors, especially during the summer. The city also has several excellent museums and other tourist attractions to keep tourists busy..

1. Palacio Real de la Magdelena

Sitting on the beautiful peninsula of La Magdalena, the Royal Palace was built in 1911 for the Spanish royal family. Since then it has been used as a summer home for the monarchy, a home for the International University, and a public park. Stroll in the gardens of many trails and enjoy extremely beautiful views and stunning architecture of the palace itself.

2. Playa del Sardinero

El Sardinero Beach has retained the atmosphere of the Belle Epoque with terraces by the sea, many elegant hotels and fine restaurants. This magnificent and wide beach is a beach destination in Santander, sunbathing, surfing, walking and eating by the sea. Picturesque walks from the beach are ideal for coastal walks.

El Sardinero Beach is north of the peninsula of La Magdalena, facing the Atlantic Ocean where the surf can be dramatic. Experienced surfers slide along the wild Atlantic waves, which are particularly difficult from November to March.

3. Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology

This unique museum allows visitors to discover the prehistoric world from the Palaeolithic period and the Iron Age. The extensive collection displays around 1,200 objects, and most items were found in the prehistoric caves of the Cantabria region. A highlight is the “” stick pierced, “” an artistically made piece made from deer antlers.

The collection also includes antiquities from the Roman period of ancient cities now Juliobriga and Castro Urdiales. Other interesting objects are the Celtic tombs pre-Roman. Medieval exhibition offers a rare ivory belt buckle found in Santa María de Hito archaeological site. For a better understanding of the collection and history, visitors can opt for a guided tour.

4. Museo Marítimo del Cantábrico

A tribute to the maritime culture of the region of Cantabria, the Maritime Museum in Santander Bay offers museum exhibitions and an impressive aquarium. In its dazzling 3,000 square meters of exhibition space, the museum reveals a fascinating insight into the underwater world and marine. The exhibitions feature objects, marine ship models and documents concerning the lives of fishermen. Visitors gain a thorough understanding of the relationship between man and the sea throughout history.

The museum covers the disciplines of marine biology, maritime history, and fishing technology. Ideally suited for tourists, this popular attraction features a café and a gift shop. Guided tours are available.

5. Parque de Cabo Mayor

About three kilometers north of El Sardinero Beach Mayor Cabo , home of the beautiful Parque Mataleñas beach and a variety of things to do. The point is El Faro de Cabo Mayor, a lighthouse was greeting approaching vessels of the Bay of Santander since 1839. Inside the lighthouse is the Centro de Arte Faro Cabo Mayor, a museum that focuses the long history of the ships signaling.

The public park has a variety of leisure areas, including Mataleñas Golf Course, camping, a rope course in Forestal Park Santander, a children’s playground and swimming at the beach Mataleñas

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