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Zeebrugge is located on the North Sea and is connected to the city via Highway bulges giving a central location on the Belgian coast. Visit Zeebrugge – the largest fish market in Europe and the port – will quench your adventure with its rich history, exceptional resort with hotels, a marina, a beach, cafes and you will easily find free parking. Zeebrugge Seafront Exhibition Site

You may think that the site is located on the waterfront, but on the contrary, it is in the docks near the marina. In the fishing museum, you will learn Russian Foxtrot and Great West Hinder Lights.

Russian Submarine Foxtrot

This amazing feature is a giant steel 100-meter that shows how the 75 crew lived and worked in very limited circumstances. The foxtrot includes four compartments highlighting the lives of crews abroad.

Walk Along the Seawall

The beautiful breakwater Zeebrugge can not be compared to any other coastal location in Belgium because it is easy to access and user friendly, even the disabled. It is quiet, relaxing and outside of a few cafes to feed your stomach shops are few and less crowded.

Monument of St. George’s Day

This monument of WW1 is located at the foot of the breakwater with a walk along the beach. There are several viewing platforms with benches to give you a unique view of the coast, where you can enjoy along the sea, the beach and port activities.

Zeebrugge Cruise Terminal


Cruise ships are also in the mix: For years, the Western European cruise itineraries Zeebrugge used as a springboard from which to provide trips to Bruges, Ostend, Brussels and other nearby cities.

Now, in the second decade of the 21st century, Zeebrugge stated its ambitions to become a “base port” and not just a “transit port” or port of call. You can see the evidence in the new terminal of Zeebrugge Cruise (pictured top), which is equipped to handle arriving and departing passengers and their luggage.

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